Each of Us - Book Preview

Chapter 3 - Take Me Seriously
Take Me Seriously
Goal Setting
Emotional Stability
Avoid Gossip
Use Your Name
Professional Image
Empower Yourself
They're Only Men
Associate With the Best
Move Forward

Chapter 4 - It's All In The Presentation
It's All In the Presentation
The Clothes Make the Woman
Mind Your Manners
The Sound of Your Voice
Good Dental Health
What Have You Got to Lose?
Steps to Success
Empower Yourself
Stand Up Straight
Just What is Assertive?
What Are You Waiting For?
The New You

Chapter 5 - I Know Business
Business Intelligence
You're Not At Home
Company Types
Line and Staff
Alternatives to the Word "Money"
Cash Flow
Income Statement Example
Income Statement Terms
Balance Sheet Example
Balance Sheet Terms

Chapter 6 - Off to College?
Off to College?
A Degree Means Opportunity?
A Degree Means Confidence and Competence
College Will Help Me Define My Goals
They Told Me To
I Like School
Just Examine Your Reasons

Chapter 7 - Negotiate With the Best
Negotiate With the Best
An Increase in Salary
Prepare and Rehearse
Silence is Golden
Emphasize Accomplishments
Determine the Other Person's Needs
Not in the Budget
Ask Questions
No One Else Makes That Much
That's a Big Raise
Keep Your Ears Open
Your Brilliant Idea
Practice Again
Give it Your Best Shot

Chapter 8 - Where's the Work?
Where's the Work?
Starting Lane
Finding a Job is a Job
What Do You Want?
Start Looking
Your Current Employer
Ask Others About Their Jobs
Make A Job
Your Company is Not the Whole World
Create a Job Elsewhere
Seek Possibilities
Employment Agencies
College Recruiters and Job Fairs
Want Ads
A Job You Don't Want?

Chapter 9 - Why Not?
Why Not Sales?
Opportunities from Here
Room for Everyone
Transferrable Skills
Results Count
A Woman's Place
You Can Learn
Opposing Players
Company Climate
Other Considerations

Chapter 10 - Write a Resume
How To Write a Resume
Give It a Professional Look
Identify Yourself
What You Have to Offer
Quantify Your Value
Just Get Started
The Cover Letter

Chapter 11 - How To Interview
How to Interview
Look Your Best, No Excuses
The Employment Application
The Aptitude Test
The Interview Process
You Interview Them
They Interview You
None of Their Business
What's Different?
Concentrate on Your Potential
Questions and Answers
Martin's Interviewing Questions
How Much Will They Pay You?
Bill and Jane
Once it's Over
Keep At It

Chapter 12